How Much Is Your Film Worth?

by Elliot Grove

What is my film worth? This is the most common question I hear year after year at the Raindance Film Festival. I meet many filmmakers at various stages of the fimmaking process, all of whom have varying approaches to the tricky question of valuing their films.

Here are some typical scenarios:

The Auteur
"I'm making he movie of my dreams, using some innovative camera work and editing style, and I don't care if the film sells at all. I know my film is beautiful, because I am beautiful"

The Entrepreneur
"I'm really good at making money in other businesses, so I am going to analyse the marketplace, find out what people are looking for, make it and clean up at the box office."

The Crass Marketeer
"I've just seen a report that 100,000,000 milllion people around the world play soccer. Thus, if I make a film about a kid trying to make it in as a soccer player, it has an in-build audience. And even if only .001% of the soccer playing community sees my film, I will make a handsome profit."

The Festival Groupie
"To get my film sold, it has to get noticed. The easiest way to get a film noticed is to take it on the festival circuit. The films on the festival circuit that get noticed right now are films dealing with __________ (name the topic - but usually sexual violence). Thus my film about _________ will get noticed, I will sell it for loadsa."

The Passionate Artiste...
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