In Praise of Low Budget Filmmaking

I returned from Norway a last Sunday where I had my eyes opened to teh scenic splendour of that country, to the possibilities of filmmaking in Scandanavia, and of making movies on a minuscule budget as well.

While there I met so many talented and successful filmmakers, all clamouring to work with filmmakers from other countries.

I was interviewed by one of their glamorous journalists the day after I got back to London.

Read my interview titled:
In Praise OF Low Budget Filmmaking

Ways to get filmmaking software free - and legal!

If you are like me there are times when the latest software treats from the likes of Adobe are mouth-watering - yet unaffordable.

Well regret no more, for Christian Bell, one of our fabulous interns has put together a comphrehensive list of over £6000 ($10,000) of legal filmmaking/editing/screenwriting software.

Read and download his Zero Budget Software Suite and want no more for software.