Film Content Envelopes

Film Content envelopes

What? A film content envelope?

Here's what I mean.

Should you have a film on Youtube, you could go straight out and say "Click on this Youtube link" and hope that people would click on the link and go through to your movies. This is how most poeple try to get someone to look at their work.

There is another way, and that is to create a film content envelope. by that, I mean to create an article and embed the link within the article. You could, for example, write an article called "10 Best Docs Of The Year" and make sure that  your documentary is one of the ones listed.

Of course there is peril attached. Before you can successfully do this, you need to follow the 10 Commandments Of Film Content Envelopes

If Your Job Sucks, Make A Film Instead

I know you need to keep at the dull and boring day job - you've got a landlord, right? Well, according to the latest addition to the Raindance team, Rob Levanthall, there might be an alternative: make movies instead! Even if you don't go to film school.

Whay not take a few minutes out of your stressful day and read what Rob's suggestions are. They might make you laugh too, as well as inform.
Read: Your Job Sucks: Make A Film Instead!

Raindance Filmfestival 2013 Sizzle Reel

This year's festival is nearly a month away - and fading from memory quicker than a handover. I was given this sizzle reel by filmmaker James Arden and it's brought back fresh memories of the 21st Festival this afternoon - and pleasant they are.

I hope you have a spare 63 seconds to watch the 2013 Raindance Film Festival Sizzle Reel, and even better to be the first to comment on YouTube.