Why 3 Act Story Strucutre Will Kill Your Story

I have been working with screenwriters at Raindance since 1992 The most common question new writers ask me is: 'Why can't I finish my script?'

If this sounds familiar, pause.
Is this because you lack talent?
Have you been taught wrong?

Pause a moment and reflect:
Why 3 Act will Kill Your Writing


Presenting Yourself To A Film Festival

With Cannes Film Festival around the corner it definitely is Film Festival Season

If you have a finished film, why not take a look at this new tip sheet:
Presenting Yourself To Film Festivals


The 11 Day Weekend Movie Competition

A bit tongue in cheek - but we were sitting around in the office yesterday and came up with the idea of making a movie during this insanely long 11 day weekend.

Then of course, how to make it a 'film competition' So we thought: Include a bit of the royal Wedding - next Friday - and now it's 'time stamped' so to speak.

Anyway, we have cobbled together some prizes. And we hope it inspires you to get out there, get off your butt and make a movie!

The info here: The 11 Day Movie

Getting Film Finance

For all of us living in the UK today was kind of a weird day. The banks (and bankers) have decided to start charging us Brits more money for their services so they can stockpile a larger cash mountain in case they screw up again.

Perhaps indie filmmakers should do the same as well.

But Hola. There is loadsa money about. And the UK tax credit scheme for private investors into qualifying businesses (of which filmmaking is one) probably have the best system in the world.

The question is, how do you approach those investors.

Here's my handy little guide on How Filmmaker's Should Approach Investors.

Hope it works for you.