Chop The Price Of Filmmaking Softeware

Chop the price of film software

When film editor and shooter extraordinarire Christian Bell joined Raindance last spring we noticed he had the best filmmaking software kit of anyone we knew: just about every programme a filmmaker could ever need.

Then we found out it was all FREE! and legal!

It took a bit of arm-twisting, but Christian put together a Software Suite worth over £15,000.

And better yet, these are all Free and Legal versions.

Download Christian's Zero Budget Software Guide

I Just Got Rejected - Again

Raindance got turned down again for a UK BFI Festival grant this week. It's the 29th time our film festival, nearly 20 years old, has been refused public funding.

It's so easy, isn't it, to bet bitter and twisted after you have been rejected for that prized moment?

So I wrote an article about it - this one is going viral:

3 Ways To Reject Rejection