Inception: A Movie about making Movies

Its been a week since I saw Christopher Nolan's Inception and it wasn't until last night that I decided that I had solved the ambiguous ending's meaning. I was 95% confident the character Cobb (DiCaprio) was still asleep. Then, I woke up this morning opened up Word and searched Google for some related articles and this particular piece (below) blew what I thought I knew away.

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The Secret Raindance Fatwa

All the festival programmers are at home this weekend watching DVD after DVD of some of the most interesting filmwork made around the world. We had a record breaking 3000 submissions this year. Shorts features and documentaries from over 50 countries. Played after each other, the running time would exceed 600,000 minutes.

With the programmers busy and quietly mulling over their difficult choices, I have been freed up to do some thinking on how Raindance Film Festival is going to position itself this year.

We have already received our new campaign image, courtesy of Gee Vaucher [Banksy's muse]. Our New Festival Image

The new cinema advert has arrived and we are prepping it for our internet premier next week. London attendees to the Boozin N Schmoozin event at Envy will get to see it first.
Boozin' n' Schmoozin' Monday 12 July 6:30pm

Next weekend we are teaming up with some of our old acquaintances Emo Philips and The XX and are presenting a series of film workshops at the Lattitude Festival.

Next week is historic for Raindance: we are kicking off events in New York and Toronto

In New York, we have the first in a series of Wednesday evening filmmaking classes - starting with a Legal Paperwork class
Legal And Business Structure For Your Film Project: Getting Started The Right Way

Toronto continues a very successful series of panels with filmmakers, also on Wednesday - the Anatomy of a Reel series features the first 10 pages of the script of Excited, followed by the reel from the film, concluded with a Q and A and networking.
Anatomy Of A Reel - Excited

So Im thinking how far can one go with self promotion.
Have I used any of the 5 Myths of Self Promotion?

Can I tempt you to read
The Secret History Of The Raindance Fatwa [published tomorrow at noon]


Elliot Grove

Independent's Day Filmmaker's Toolkit 2010

I'm quite proud of this one: Christian Bell, one of our fabulous interns, put this one together:

Our annual July 4th Raindance Independent Filmmaker's Toolkit now online

Independence Day

On the 4th of July - I'm reflecting on the fact that New Yorker filmmakers are finally starting to wake up to Raindance NYC - and gertting hold of RD's terrific Anne Takehashi in the Apple

Raindance New York

TV Writer's Resource Guide

I know it's kinda tacky for a film festival to talk about TV - but that's where a great deal of work is for screenwriters and filmmakers, right?

So I asked Jane-Marie - one of our fabulous new interns, to whip up a useful resource guide, which she promptly did.

Enjoy Raindance's TV Writer's Resource Guide