Are You Making These 4 Deadly Film Mistakes

We are announcing the nominations for this year's British Independent Film Awards on Monday November 1st. As usual there will be tears and jeers for the films not selected.

Have been through this 13 times now (since 1998) one gets to meet a lot of filmmakers. I have to ask:
Are You Making These 4 Deadly Film Mistakes

Becoming A Festival Darling

Rarely do the huge hits of film festivals work commercially, but that doesn't stop filmmakers from trying to become festival darlings.

It's relatively easy to become a festival darling: Just become an indie auteur complete with dark glasses and a black wardrobe.

If your time is precious and you want to sneak preview a few film industry insider tricks, read our article: How To Fake Being An Indie Autuer.

10 Things Screenwriters Should Know About Filmmaking

The film festival has finished and we are cleaning up the office. We played 77 features of which 69 were British premieres - a record for Raindance.

Watching all of the films and meeting and talking to the filmmakers made me realise how often screenwriters don't bother to learn about the important role of the producer and the filmmaking porcess.

I put together the 10 Things Screenwriters Should Know About Filmmaking


7 Challenges Facing Independent Filmmakers

Interesting in the middle of the Raindance Film Festival to meet so many filmmakers from around the world.

It reminded me of coming back from the Cannes Film Festival this spring where I ran into two veteran British film producers who between them had produced nigh onto 60 features, been nominated for or won several Oscars and who by any standard are considered to be highly successful.

They both were very negative about the future of the film industry and the prospects of making films like they had been over the past thirty years. ‘Independent Cinema’ is dead they argued.

I beg to differ.

So I just wrote the 7 Challenges Facing Independent Filmmakers