I'm inspired

"Pi" to "The Wrestler" He's responsible for some of the decades most startling movies - agree?

Then I read Darren Aronofsky's Scripts.



And Im off to Brussels for Raindance's Writing Low Budget class Monday/Tuesday

18th Film Festival Heats Up!

We're 18 this year - Barely Legal!

If you want to see an article about the talented team that made this years 18th Film Festival trailer

We expect delivery next week! We are so excited!

5 Reasons Why Filmmakers Don't Fear The Double Dip Recession

Are you sick and tired about all the negative news about the economy?

Worried about the "Double-Dip"?

Don't worry! Recessions are actually great news for screenwriters and filmmakers!

Read: 5 Reasons Why Filmmakers Don't Fear The Double Dip Recession

Are you into submission?

Submitting to film festivals can be pretty scary - as you walk to the post office and drop off clones of your precious baby - one after the other - sending them out to the wide wide world.

I know how you feel - because I have done it myself countless times. Then awaited the response.

The entire Raindance team is watching movie after movie this fine summer weekend.

You can still submit your film to Raindance.

The No Excuses Submission Deadline is June 18th.

Hope to see your short, feature or documentary at Raindance

Learn 5 Things From Hollywood Rebels

Source: Daniel Kresmery, Raindance Budapest

I was sitting on a plane back to Budapest for something like 12 hours the other day and read through a book called Rebels on the Backlot by Sharon Waxman, about how 6 indie directors – Steven Soderbergh, Quentin Tarantino, David O. Russell, Spike Jonze, Paul Thomas Anderson and David Fincher – managed to break in and put their stamp on Hollywood filmmaking in the 90’s with films like Traffic, Pulp Fiction, Three Kings, Being John Malkovich, Boogie Nights, and Fight Club.

So in keeping with Raindance style, here’s 5 Things I Learned While Reading the Above Mentioned Book on a Very Long Transatlantic Flight.