Are You A Professional Or Amateur?

I was thinking around New Years Eve, 2009, looking at all the bits and pieces I had managed to do out of the Raindance office - it was quite a collection. The I realised I was nothing more than a hobbyist - I had ony spent an average of 2 hours a week. In 2010 I moved up the scale to 'talented amateur' with a grand total of 10 hours per week.

What makes semi pro?

read more details about my quest to move from amateur filmmaker to professional

Major Film MArkets

Berlinale starts this week, and with it, the European Film Market - the first major film market of the year.

Here's a job for Sunday: research and plan all the events where films are bought and sold in 2011 and see which one's dovetail into your career plans and budget!

The world's major film markets:

9 Ways Filmmakers Develop Legendary Careers

OK it's the W/E and I have had a proverbial few. All this by way of trying to explain that I hop I am not sounding too pompous.

Anyway - the farmer side of me - the side that looks at patterns, has come up with somethiong I thought you would be interested in:

9 Ways Filmmakers Develop Legendary Careers

Apps for Fillmaker: The essential Dozen

OK - really brief:

Apps are great. smart phones are great.
Here are the 20 top apps for filmmakers