Why I Get Up In The Morning

I am really lucky - I love what I do, and I am always meeting the most wonderful and talented people you could hope to meet.

Every once in a while I am forced to sit down and put some of my thoughts to paper - something I have come to dread. And tonight is no different in that respect - it's a deadline for the rewrite of my Lo To No Budget filmmaking book - a book written 11 years ago now!

Go figure! I had to write a reason of where I think filmmaking is going, and how little ole me (and you) fit in.

Want to read what I came up with? Read My Filmmaker's Manefesto.

7 Simple Ways Filmmakers Can Impress

In the near month since I have returned from the Cannes Film Festival I have wrapped the shoot of Love.Honour.Obey, marked Raindance postgraduate film degree papers, and nearly finished the rewrite of the Lo To No Budget Filmmaking book I wrote ten years ago.

It hit me this damp and cold London June Sunday afternoon that there are some pretty basic ways that filmmakers can make themselves look really good (even if they aren't).

I'm not entirely sure what prompted this thought, or what chain of events conspired to drop this idea into my head.
But here it is:
7 Simple Ways That Filmmakers Can Impress