Never Ask A Filmmaker These 7 Things

With the Raindance Film Festival underway for the 19th time, and with almost 300 filmmakers attending, it's important to know what (and what not) to say to filmmakers at the festival

I've had a whole lot of experience with filmmakers, and made every mistake under the book.

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Filmmaking: The Terrible Job Everyone Wants

We are getting ready to launch the 19th edition of the Raindance Film Festival with a stellar lineup of 100 features, nearly 150 short films from a record-breaking 36 countries.

Thats about 250 heart breaking stories from the participating filmamkers about how hard it is to make it.

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To LIve od Die In LA

One of the great thing about the Raindance Film Festival is you get to reconnect with filmmakers from all over the world - a bit like a mini-Cannes

One such filmmaker is Justin McGoldrick who worked his butt off here in London last year as one of our fabulous interns - and then went back to the States where he just finished another 6 month internship

He has written up some excellent advice

5 Things I Learned As A LA Film Intern