7 Key trends that independent Filmmakers and Screenwriters Embrace

What a crazy two decades since I started Raindance - way way back in the days of celluloid in 1992. Now, of course, celluloid isn't the only thing to go. Most of how we make, watch and consume entertainment has changed beyond recognition in the past rwo decades.

Here are 7 Key trends that independent Filmmakers and Screenwriters need to embrace in order to stay afloat in the next year:

3 Painful Lessons Of Independent Film

As the year end approaches with astonishing speed, I am reminded of all the mistakes I made. Mistakes made not just in 2012 - but since I launched Raindance on the unsuspecting public in 1992.

It's true I suppose that one learns from one's mistakes. More polite people would frephrase the word 'Mistakes' and say soemthing uber positive like: "I learned from trial and error".

That may make the pain a little more bearable, but after all these years I realise that it's taken me since 1992 to learn the 3 Painful Lessons Of Independent Film.

7 Ways To Create A Film Career Brand Strategy

The great thing about working in the creative industries is you get to create a brand around yourself and what you do.

Just like Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t have gotten too far without a strategy, so too your film career will hit a brick wall until you construct a plan of attack.

You might be able to hoodwink a spy or two, or finesse a lucrative job, but you could awake one morning wondering how you had gotten from A – Z when really all you wanted to do was to go from A – B.

The strategy for your own personal brand works almost the same as the strategy for a company brand.

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4 Habits Of Successful Filmmakers

I have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with some of the country's top independent filmmakers. Observing their development and their careers has taught me a great deal.

I have written an article called the 4 Habits Of Successful Filmmakers.

If only I was astute enough to learn from teh uscesses of others!

Filmmakers: Making A Plan Works

It's been a long time since I started the British Independent Film Award and even longer since I started Raindance film Festival.

This summer we moved office to our new home in Craven Street, just off Trafalgar Square. When you don't move very often, one accumaltes loads of stuff, and as I was unpacking a box the other day I cam across the origianl one page mid mapbusiness plan I made in 1993 for the first Raindance Film Festival.

It's uncanny how much the team and I are doing today hasn't changed a bit from those early days.

You can see the entire business plan here: