10 Ways Filmmakers Stay Unmarketable

5. Become an Alcoholic and Use a Lot of Drugs

One of the best ways to stay unmarketable is to do a lot of drugs and drink all day. Obvious, I know. On the other hand a great way to stay marketable is to network at a pub. Look for social groups that interest you and join them on a night out. Remember Wedding Crashers rule number 27: Don’t over drink the machinery must work in order to close. This works for women in the movie, but is also practical when talking to a future employer. Although, there was a situation when I was out with a friend with alumni from the newspaper. He ended up getting completely knackered (British word, right?) and still seemed to get every alumnus’s card.

Here is a good take on how much to drink while networking by Tami Reiss: HERE

6. Don’t Go On Dates

Staying unmarketable is like being single in a foreign country. You’re not as desirable to the opposite sex/market and you talk funny/don’t know the company lingo. This may be a less appealing strategy unless you’re more of a maniacal individual. Why not date around until you find a woman with a Dad who is looking for a real go-getter (i.e. he doesn’t want his daughter dating a guy with no job). Besides you may also find true love. We all want that right, a job and true love. I smell a romantic-comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.

7. Don’t learn new computer skills

Depending on your market and preferred job another way to stay unmarketable is to have no additional skills. For instance not being able to use Adobe Photoshop or Excel Spreadsheet is a way to get a leg up in staying unmarketable. Most of these programs can be learned through how-to books or online videos. You don’t have to become a Final Cut Pro expert, but having some basics down may create an advantage over the competition.

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