Getting Ready For Your Film Festival Screening

Everyone in the office is watching films for 6-8 hours a day. Shorts, features and documentaries.

It works like this:

We are just 2 weeks away from the final deadline. Every day the mailman brings one or two big sacks full of mail. I acyually enjoy dumping the bags on the floor and separating the festival entries from the bills.

The entries are then piled behind Suzanne's desk. She opens and starts the cataloguing process by stuffing the press kit and DVD into a plastic file folder, with a code, and category (ie: short feature documentary)

Amelie then inputs the films details onto our database.

Suzanne and the rest of the team watch movies every single day.

When I watch a movie I like to flick through the press kit while the movie is loading in my laptop. It's truly amazing how few filmmakers understand how to put together a press kit.

One of the important elements of a press kit is a press release.

Last year, at a similar moment of frustration with sub-par press kits, I asked Brett Welcher to write an article on hoe to write a press release. He was interning at Raindance at that time, and majoring in PR

You can read his article: How To Write A Press Release

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