Twitter: Taking The World By Storm

by Melissa Brown

A friend told me to check her last “tweet.” I stared at her, confused, unsure what exactly her last “tweet” was. Embarrassed I asked her what tweet meant and she quickly rushed me off to the nearest computer to show me how to use twitter myself. It is not until now, two months later, that I am starting to understand the power of the “tweet.”

At first, I thought it was just a bunch of updates on my every day life. Easy enough I thought. I could “follow” John Mayer if I wanted to! Done and done. It wasn’t until I started getting “following” e-mails from random people who were watching my updates that I began to realize the wrath of the “tweeting” process. Twitter went from a non-existent word to an everyday slip of the tongue seemingly over night. People are “twittering” all around the globe and in many different languages. Simply to keep others updated daily or even hourly.

Yet, I am having a hard time understanding the fascination in regards to twittering. Companies are using it to market their products and events. Celebrities are using it to maintain in the spotlight. When it comes down to it, it is just another way to connect thousands and thousands of people who would normally would never exchange hellos. (I’m following John Mayer’s every update now aren’t I?)

I have to ask, what is next? Twitter seems to be the new Facebook and before that Facebook became the new MySpace. What more can we possibly do to communicate on every single level possible: you can now “tweet” from your phone, write on a friends Facebook wall with a blackberry and even log onto MySpace anywhere and everywhere. It’s more than communicating; it’s a 24-7 constant update.

With the new technologies made to help us communicate with each other, where has the personal face-to-face communication gone?

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