In Praise of Low Budget Films

by Elliot Grove

Recent developments have shown that the large budgeted independent films, are not selling as well as they have, and films made with more modest budgets can succeed. Take the example of the filmOnce, which screened at Raindance in 2007. Or The Blair Witch Project, which had it's 4th screening in Europe at Raindance in 1999.

But how can you get your idea out there?

First of all, have a look at my 10 favourite low budget films

Here is an industry definition of Low Budget, and how the different budget levels are ranked.
It's important to know how to get your budget level across in pitch meetings without saying the budget amount, and still keeping professional.

When you have very little money, you find yourself having to say No over and over again. No one in the industry actually uses the word No even though it is the most frequesntly used word.
Here's how they say the word No in the film industry.

BTW, make certain your script is formatted correctly. Everyone is quite anal about this, myself included.

Here are some ideas for how to write a film on a minimal budget

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