Lazy Hazy Sunday Afternoon

Not much going on today for me - I've been taking it easy.

Quite a few BIG LUNCH parties around town. Networking with the neighbours in a good idea from the Eden Project and Mastercard.

I found some interesting articles while I was trolling around:

A shameful story : Where is the documentary? - UK set to take back Brazil waste

What happens to your passwords when you die? New services promise online life after death -

10 Ways To Put Your Content [IE FILMS] In Front Of More People Sickening to think that filmmakers are nothing more than mere content providers.

What does one TRILLION dollars look like? Interesting becasue I'm quite visual.

In WWII the plan was to remove Nazis - what is the plan in Afghanistan? There is one, right?

Indie case study: finance, UK Tax laws, crowd sourcing and much more

Superb tutorials: Hollywood Camera Work Sample Clips: Free Green Screen, Matchmoving, Compositing, Motion Capture

Thta's about it.

I'm really missing my music. My laptop was stolen 3 weeks ago from a MEDIA Belgium gig at the Brussels Film fest - thought I had my music and pictures backed up - but no!

So, if you're reading and have a song you think I'd like, ping it over!

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