Head and Shoulders Above The Film Crowd

Yesterday I presented the Saturday Film School with my good friend Patrick Tucker for Raindance - it's always a fun day.This one was extra fun because we were at the Salvation Army on Oxford Street.

Many of the questions I had after the class at the pub, or doing the break concerned how to get work. Everyone is worried about their next job. film work ios pretty much all freelance.

I was thinking about this and how best to answer this basic and acrtually quite simple question when I decided to do another of my list articles - the "x" number of ways etc. It is quite interesting how many times I get criticised for using a numeric in the title of an article. The reason I do it is because it generally means that more people click on it.

Here goes then. If you want to stand head and shoulders amongst the crowd looking for film work, read my latest article, 7 Ways To Make Your Film Career Stand Out

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