Cannes Day One

I thought I'd try and do a bit of a diary about Day One

Our train down on Wednesday was a couple hours late which meant all I could do Wednesday was pick up my badge, walk around and grab a pizza. I did bump into the incredible sales agent Morris Ruskin and my good friend from Paris, Zachary Miller.

Thursday I had a 9:15 at the Palais and managed to nip into the ticket booth and got tickets to the 10:30pm red carpet. I guess that tuxedo will come in handy after all

I am based in the Media Pavilion - it has free WiFi, and more importantly - croissants, coffee juice and water for guests. They also take messages and accept parcels. Between 9:15 and 4pm I met filmmaker after filmmaker. One of the most interesting meetings was with London BIFA colleague Martin Myers who outlined a great new project.

Back to the hotel to change grab a short rest - then in tuxedo - several hysterical calls from London office - more on that later I suppose -  off to the Scandanavian Kitchen Party on the Croissette - lovely food and drinks including a sample of a brand new Swedish whiskey that launching today in France and mid September in the UK - so naturally I met the Marketing manager, exchanged cards and told her to compliment our opening night

Off to the red carpet and the 10:30pm screening - Egyptian film in Arabic - got a ten minute standing ovation at the end - went back to the hotel via the kebab shop and picked up a fallafel - next to a friend from London who was totally wrecked trying to pay for a fallafel with a credit card

Got to bed about 2pm

Ready to leave the hotel for day 2

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