Cannes Day 4

I will remember forever this as the Raindance day at Cannes - and has it rained for over 10 hours now.
Morning crowd settling in the Palais to watch Vinterberg's Jagten (The Hunt)

All the evening plans were washed out  and I ended up back in my cozy hotel room watching festival submissions on DVD.

My day had four highlights.

Very first thing this morning I had a great meeting wtih Julian Richard's of Jinga Films. Just 6 years old, Jinga now commands a prime spot in the Riviera and has a slate of terrific independent films.

This morning I also managed to catch Thomas Vinterberg's Jagten (The Hunt) in the big cinema.

Then it was off to a cute restaurant off the main street where I co-hosted a lunch for 4 Brit and 4 Quebecois producers - the lnnch the brainchild of Laurent Gagliardi, Directeur au contenu et aux affaires internationales,  Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC for short).

If I have my way you will be hearing a lot more about SODEC and Quebecois filmmakers in London. I wish the UK had something equivalent and even half as effective. Speaking of which, I am dying to see Montrealer Xavier Dolan's next film: Laurence Anyways. Watch the trailer here:

This afternoon I discovered one of Cannes special secrets - a magnificent house tucked down an alleyway off the market street near the old town. The occasion was a wine tasting hosted by Morris Ruskin of Shoreline Entertainment - truly one of the most switched on sales agencies with a strong festival strategy spearheaded by Tom Davia. Check out their website, and see how they handle filmmakers and their films.

Also at this get together was Sydney Levine and Peter Belsito - two for my favorite people. Read Sydney's Buzz on

Tomorrow (my last day ;-( the rest of the London team arrive so I will be able to kick back and enjoy a bit more. And I am meeting up with Daniel Kresmery of Raindance Budapest. We are going to put the finishing touches onto Raindance Raw Talent. I'm looking forward to that.

For now, its back to the next in a monstrous pile of DVD's
Bon Soir from Cannes

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