Cannes Day 2

Waiting for the next round of celebs
Got off to an easy start - and enjoyed sleeping in til nearly 9am. It's strange that the hour time difference from the UK can mess with your head as much as a 5 - 8 hour transcontinental flight. Although 9am in Cannes, its only 8am in the UK and 3am in New York.

The weather sucks - it is pouring. Which means everyone is crammed into the pavilions along the beach.

First up was a meeting with our postgrad film degree students. They are doing some really exciting work, and in Cannes there are a series of projects that will certainly be strong enough to stand on their own two feet next year in either the Marche or Festival.

I then had a short but very effective meeting with the Raindance courses director, Rory O'Donnell. I have been inventing courses 'Raindance' since 1992, and today's meeting is no different: We are putting the finishing touched on an Creating A Web Series class at the end of June, something I promise you sounds like a winner.

Cannes Crew Prepping For The Brazilian Party
I am really enjoying Cannes this year for what it is: seeing old acquaintances and catching up on their news. Meeting and making new friends as well. It is remarkable how important face-to-face meetings are in the age of social media. I have already gone through 100 business cards. With 3 more days remaining I am going to have to ration them.

This afternoon was an afternoon of partying - first the Bulgarian drinks reception. There is some amazing cinema coming from Bulgaria. We featured some of their films last year in our Balkan strand.

The Les Arc Film Festival had a reception. I was invited to the festival last year but couldn't attend with a diary conflict. Les Arc is on of the industry's favourite festivals - not only is the programming superb but the atmosphere unparralled. I found out that last year's December festival was intrupted by a snowstorm with over a metre of snow. Screenings were cancelled and the awards ceremony took place in a pub because no one could get to the cinema. I bagsied a T-shirt reading: "I Survived The Snow In Les Arc". I'm pretty sure I won't see anyone in London wearing this one.

You might think I am a lush - but these parties are actually hard work. One is always pitching or listening to pitches, and if you are hungry or thirsty there is always a monster scrum in front of the bar.

Next up was the Swedish parry where I knew only one person at the far end of the room - we waved, but fortunately like Moses and the Red Sea - a gap opened to the refreshment table where I was able to grab some food and a cocktail.

The Brazilian Band
By now it was approaching 7pm and time to line up for one of the hottest parties in town - the Brazilian Party. Tickets were hard to come to, but I had mine organised weeks ago. And what a party it was - with an amazing 5 piece band, superb food and drinks - a BBQ in fact, as well as a look of the bay. The weather has finally cleared.

I then met up with a new acquaintance from London to discuss a more formal working relationship. He has an interesting production company with a leading international actor (who happens to be London based) and a solid background in the music biz. I don't want to say too much now, but if the wind keeps blowin' the right way, it could be great news for Raindance and our wider circle of writers, directors and producers.

I did few few street chats with friends on the way back to the hotel and got an early night. Tomorrow is going to be hectic with all the invites to the Japanese things ending very early Sunday morning.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Elliot. Look forward to reading more! Good luck and enjoy Cannes.