Music and Filmmakers

We all know music plays a vital role in the movies and how we perceive the protagonist rise or fall. In a scene in Office Space three computer programmers take their anger out on a fax machine in an open country field with a baseball bat. The slow motion drop kicks, homerun swings, and punches that gut the inanimate object are punctuated by a song by the 'Geto Boys'. It's the contrast between these nerdy white collared 30-somethings and a hard-core rap song that make this scene forever burned in moviegoers minds.
Raindance has some truly great takes on movies and music. Here are three that describe what goes into those magical scenes that make you laugh, cry, and fear for the characters on screen.
  1. James Burbidge: 5 Things I learned about Film from Song Lyrics: Its a look at what a filmmaker must think when hearing meaningful songs on the radio and how those little memorable lyrics could fit in his next movie.
  2. Sarah Romeo: Music Rights: The costs and licenses needed to put a great song at the right moment of your movie. Includes some low-budget options.
  3. Charlie Burroughs: Top 10 Songs Performed by Music Characters: The best scenes where characters become artists and belt out the lyrics of famous songs.
"There is no paper jam why does it say paper jam":

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