Ten horrible Movie Twist

From Empire Magazine Online Olly Richards believes Hollywood has banked off films with less than extraordinary plot twist. To Richards it all began with The Sixth Sense (1999) he argues,

"I blame The Sixth Sense. Not because that film is anything less than brilliant. No, it's because it woke studios up to the fact that a plot twist could be a marketing gimmick. The Sixth Sense took an unknown director, an eerie kid and a lead actor now into the slowing-down part of his career and turned them into nearly $700 million worldwide. Suddenly everyone wanted their movie to have a sting in the tail, whether it made sense or not."

Richards list his Ten worst plot twist in films whether pre or post Sixth Sense.

I'm in between classes so I thought I might list my favorite twist. Everyone's so cynical I'm in a good mood today so here is my favorite twist.

Wayne's World (1992)

I told you I'm in a good mood and I know this isn't a serious movie by any means, but tell me you saw this ending coming and I'll give you a million dollars. This movie had three endings, that's right, three.

The set up: Wayne and Garth hold a special Wayne's World episode from the basement of evil agent Benjamin Kane (Rob Lowe). Garth has set up a transmission to a talent scout Frankie Sharp's limo with the help of Stan Mikita's Donuts finest. A perfect ending would have Cassandra (She's a Babe, schwing) Wayne's rocker girlfriend, landing a gig with Frankie who arrives at the basement in time to hear her rock out.

The Plot Twist(s):
Instead of Cassandra landing the gig Frankie tells her she just isn't ready yet. Cassandra blames Wayne and leaves for what looks like the Bahamas with Kane. Their studio burns down and Wayne's creeper girlfriend comes out of no where to tell him she's pregnant.

"You didn't really think she'd end up with Wayne, did you?"

As if. You thought we could end the movie like that? Wayne and Garth reappear and break the third line rule talking directly to the camera. They rewind the movie and give what they call the scooby-doo ending, literally. In this twist Cassandra is hired by Frankie and Kane is arrested and his mask is torn off revealing, "Old Man Whithers, from the haunted amusment park." Excellent Scooby-doo ending, but how about the Megahappy ending?

In the final ending Cassandra gets signed to a six-album deal. Garth gets his dream woman. Kane learns a valuable lesson about money and everyone is "fished in".

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