10 Things New Filmmakers Needs Every Day

1. A good mobile telephone

A good telephone will become your mobile office.

Get the best phone you can, one that can allow you to surf and accept and write emails, and take location pictures.

An invaluable tool that lets you stay connected even when you are on the fly.

A good website to find the best deals

2. A good email address and website

Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail might be free and easy to access, but getting your own domain name means you can have an individual and bespoke email address.

Register a domain at whois.com, and get a basic package that allows you to create your own email address, like elliot@raindance.co.uk, and join the professionals!

To build a website, use a programme like Apple's iWeb and DIY. Doesn't need to be fancy, include a section About You, Contact Details, Current Projects and your Showreel.

The 7 Steps to Building Your Own Website

Get a good service package from as little as £3.18 + VAT per month with Nativespace (the hosts of Raindance Film Festival)

5 Tips On Building A Filmmaker's Website

3. A good laptop with a good battery

And load it up with a useful editing programme like Final Cut Pro, an office admin programme, like Word, and something you can make good presentations with. It is also really useful to have a software package that will let you resize and optimise pictures for the web.

Here's the computer I use: Apple laptop

4. FLIP Camera

At £145, 720 HD, and an 8 gig hard drive, this little beauty is a must.

- See the review video from Computer Now
- See a camera test
- How one blogger got over $20,000 of free publicity using a FLIP

You can get your FLIP HD on Amazon for just £139.99 inc VAT

Perfect for getting those spur-of-the moment interviews to add to your DVD extras.

Order online here

For the rest of the list

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