The Revolution Won't Be Televised!

When this year's Raindance Film Festival launched Britain's first web fest 'way back in September 2013, film industry eyeballs rolled and rolled.

But the success of the webfest, both in terms of audience engagement and content proved to me at least that web series are here to stay. Then just this week Harvey Weinstein announced he was funding a TV series: Ten Commandments for television. Not exactly a web series, but a series that most in America will watch online courtesy of Netflix.

Then out of the blue comes a terrific summary of how and why the web series is going from internet consultant and online researcher, Jo Geaney.

Jo Favoured Raindance Film Festival for a couple months in the autumn of 2013. Read her engaging, informative and amusing article The Revolution Won't Be Televised: 4 Reasons The future Of Filmmaking Is Online.

Raindance has  several interesting events coming up:

Mike Fly's Wed Series Foundation Certificate starts in Toronto on Thursday January 14th. It's 5 nights from 6:30 - 9:30pm

In London, we have two events:
Tanya Laird's Digital Marketing and Cross Media Storytelling on the weekend of January 18/19 2014

And Create and Market Your Webseries on Saturday March 15th from 10:00 - 5pm

Don't miss these great events.

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