Brussels Short Film Festival

I have just left the after party of the Brussels Short Film Festival - and quite a party it was with free Chimay and hor's d'oevres!

Should you ever want to come to the Brussels Short Film Festival (and I highly reccommend it) there are 2 hidden secrets about Brussels that you should remember before you alight in this fascinating and dynamic city:

There are 2 thing that are virtually impossible to find: Cash Points, and toilets. Hilariously - at every party or soiree event I would be told on arrival what the toilet facilities. I was even drawn maps and shown arrows point o a variety of convenience points in private property and further. Once that detail was out of the way, parties are pretty much the same as elsewhere.

Why Brussels Short Film Festival?

There are 4 reasons filmmakers should attend film festivals

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Elliot Grove
Raindance Film Festival


  1. Other than great toilet and cash point spots, you should check out Impasse Delirium

    Only place I went to in my short stay in Brussels last summer while interning at Raindance. Great spot with over 100 beers on tap.

  2. I missed that one out! Good 'nuff reason to return! I loved Brussels.