Characters to die for

Source: Raindance Indie Tip, Josh Golding

There's a reason Christopher Walken would take a tiny 3 minute cameo in Pulp Fiction as, Captain Koons, a man who stuck a family heirloom (a gold watch) up his rectum for two years saving it for his fallen soldier's son one day. It's because Quentin Tarantino created what Josh Golding calls a "character to die for". Even though the role was small the scene and dialogue is so enticing that even a big name like Walken couldn't pass it up. The final result was a minor role in the large scheme of the entire movie performing one of the most memorable monologues in the movie.

Here is the monologue Golding is referring to: read it or watch it below.
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Characters To Die For.

Film bites -
  • Did you know in the original script Speed Racer was Tarantino's first choice for cartoons to be watched by the little boy. Some sort of Speed Racer fetish because later Tarantino's character is wearing a Speed Racer T-shirt.
  • I was in Wal-Mart looking for a copy of Cloverfield to buy last Sunday and I saw a alternative cover of Pulp Fiction with Christopher Walken among other characters on it.

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